Baseline Data

Baseline data in key areas of material and energy inputs and outputs were measured or for the years 2009 to 2012 if available.

Continual review of  baseline data for utilities shows a company’s commitment to measuring and reducing their environmental impact. The baseline data is not calibrated for weather, building expansion or occupancy, it is simply based on consumption per hotel specific metrics. Using this data alone to compare year to year is difficult for this reason, but overall long term trends can be seen and we will be able to identify if we have met our water, waste and energy goals.


Electricity consumption has decreased by nearly 9% in the past four years. A commitment to upgrading lighting and equipment to energy efficient technology has been part of that decrease.







Electricity Consumption (kWh) per room night (a better comparison for occupancy)









The hotel only portion of the natural gas consumption does not include the restaurant, pub or conference centre. Natural gas has decreased by 14% since 2009, however there has been a slight increase since 2010.








Natural Gas consumption (GJ) per room night (a better comparison for occupancy)

Note: occupancy data was not gathered for 2010 and 2009, and would likely follow the same trent as the data above. 









A waste audit was conducted in January 2013 to identify how well the hotel is currently doing with their recycling program. The audit identified that of the 780 L of trash sorted (1.5 days worth of garbage), 27% was recyclable and 14% was potentially compostable.

Currently, 56.5% of the waste at the hotel is being diverted from the landfill through recycling efforts. These figures are based on cost and volume of pick ups for cardboard, recycling and garbage.


Amount of waste that is currently being recycled and landfilled at the hotel as of 2012.





These efforts can be improved and this figure as well as the waste audit data can be used as a benchmark to compare future recycling and composting improvements.


Only 2012 water consumption data was accessible for the baseline data. 29,398 cubic metres of water were consumed in 2012. The hotel’s goal to of achieving a 20% water reduction target will be benchmarked against this figure.

WaterThis chart shows consumption of water (cubic metres) and cost on the same graph. We did this because the cost of water at a medium commercial rate averages out to about $1.00 per CM.

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