Recommendations and Next Steps

The Best Western Kelowna team has come up with many solutions to help move the hotel towards their five-year sustainability goals. GreenStep recommends completing the following next steps to stay on track and to efficiently work through this action plan to measure and achieve your goals.

Get started on the low-hanging fruit and immediate action items. These actions are either necessary for the Green Tourism Canada assessment or have little capital cost. These actions may require some investment of time and behavior change but have the potential to have a measurable impact if well implemented.

Achieve Green Tourism Canada Certification. This internationally recognized certification program will replace Green Key as a more robust, inclusive and third-party verified certification for the tourism industry, including not only hotels but all tourism operators.

Host monthly green team meetings. You will need to designate roles within the members to ensure that someone is updating the action plan, the reportal, facilitating the meeting, taking minutes and following up with members who are designated to work on an action or two for that month. Meeting consistently and keeping each other accountable is the only way you can achieve your goals.

Measure all progress. Use the identified measurement metrics to track all progress made. If something isn’t working, brainstorm how to change it. Ensure that everyone is aware of what they are responsible for tracking and to report this to the team on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on the action and measurement method.

Celebrate progress. If you reduce your energy consumption by the end of the year, let everyone know. If waste was reduced significantly, tell everyone. Staff behaviour can play just a big a role as technical retrofits and they should know that their efforts are being noticed. People will support what is successful and keeping everyone informed is a great way to keep the goals and actions top of mind. Social events are a great way to celebrate your success.

Have GreenStep continue as your remote Sustainability Officer. Many companies find this helps the green team to stay on track while it is getting established by having a consultant lead green team meetings, measure results and identify ways to leverage the positive changes you are making with your customers and the community.

Whatever path you choose, GreenStep congratulates Best Western Kelowna for taking a big leap towards becoming a more sustainable company by training your team, setting long term goals and formalizing an action plan and strategy to reach them!