Active Transportation

Goal: To offer healthy and active transportation options to all guests before offering options that consume fossil fuels.

Goal: To have 50% of staff walk, cycle or take transit to work at least once a month rather than driving a vehicle. 

Walk-Bike-Ride-300x246Our hotel is located in a walking, cycling and transit friendly community. We want to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions our guests and staff use to get to our hotel. By providing better transportation options, we can improve the health of our community and our planet.



Measure: We will base our measurements on interest and use of services by guests, and draw entries and tally sheets from staff. We will also include transportation related questions on customer surveys and our annual staff sustainability survey.

Actions we will take to achieve our goals

Actions are broken down by responsible department/person, purchase and install cost, and whether it is an immediate action or a short term (Present – May 2014), medium term (June 2014- 2015) or long term (2016-2018) action.

Offer travel incentives (prize draw or free transit tickets, groceries, lunch) to staff who take the bus, walk or bike – short
Provide information and marketing of public transport options (transit, green cabs, walking, cycling) to guests – short
When calling a taxi for guests, ask for a prius – short
Create and print walking maps to put on the back of the local area map or hotel map. Make available on website for download – short
Offer one carpool parking spot to the Okanagan Car Share Co-op – short-medium 
Create a secured bike area for staff and guests – medium
Purchase a corporate membership to the Okanagan Car Share for staff and guests with other car share memberships to use – medium
We currently do not have any company owned vehicles in operation, but if and when we do, we will choose electric or at the very least, hybrid options – medium-long