Communication & Engagement

 Goal: To inspire all guests, staff, our community and our industry by providing opportunities for them to experience our story.


We have set a precedent in our community for sustainable business practices. We want other organizations to understand that going green makes economic sense and benefits the planet and local community. By sharing what we do and why we do it, we can inspire and educate those that wish to move towards living a more sustainable life.

Our communications plan will start with our staff. From an annual sustainability survey, less than 50% of staff believe they can accurately convey our sustainability efforts to guests and our efforts have only added to 50% of staff’s job satisfaction. We have some work to do.

Measure: Annual staff survey and reviews, customer feedback and interest from the community/industry.

Actions we will take to achieve our goals

Actions are broken down by responsible department/person, purchase and install cost, and whether it is an immediate action or a short term (Present – May 2014), medium term (June 2014- 2015) or long term (2016-2018) action.

Complete Green Action Plan – immediate (completed) 
Communicate Green Action Plan to all staff and management  immediate (completed)
Establish a green team and meet monthly to monitor progress of the action plan and to continue moving the plan forward  – immediate  (in progress)
Have a green meeting package available to conference and catering customers (ie. What the hotel does and what are the options when hosting a meeting or conference) immediate 
Ensure  Green Management File is up to date with  all bills, policies and evidence supporting green initiatives – immediate 
Train staff about the hotel’s green programs and how to communicate this to guests/the public – short
Conduct a tour once a week for staff, guests and the public. Talk about the history, all the great sustainability features as well as what sets the hotel apart from others – short
Track number of bookings received due to guest’s green commitment – short
Simplify and update all Green information for customers. Use point form in the guest directories and on the website. Show goals and a summary of actions from the action plan – short
Create a responsible visitor charter (i.e. ‘how to be a green visitor’ when staying at the Best Western) – See sample in the GTC Master Criteria. Put in guest directory – short
Include 3 sustainability related questions on the customer surveys – short
Increase visibility around the hotel of green initiatives for guests through award display cabinet and/or wall display. Include summary of each commitment and key actions – short
Put environmental mission statement on the wall behind the front desk in attractive lettering – medium
Complete a Best Western Sustainability story  video – who is Greg Salloum, the owner, what’s his and the hotel’s environmental story, tour the highlights of the hotel – medium (in progress)
Show sustainability video of Greg on resort TV channel 10 and through the web – medium
Do community clean ups 2-4 times per year around Kelowna (such as adopt-a-stream, RDCO community clean up in April, etc.) Submit a  biannual Corporate Social Responsiblity report and make public. This could be part of a Best Western Wide annual CSR report – medium
Submit a biannual Corporate Social Responsibility Report and make it public. This could be a part of Best Western Corp’s CSR report – long
Offer a self guided tour with QR codes around the hotel for guests to learn about the various aspects of the hotel’s sustainability story – long