Energy Efficiency

Goal: We will achieve the highest energy efficiency by continuing to reduce our energy consumption by 10-15 % over the next two years, then 2-5% annually after 2015.


We are focused on saving energy. With geothermal and solar thermal systems, energy star appliances, and high efficiency lighting (LED and CFL) already installed, we are well on our way. But there is always more we can do.


Measure: Electricity and natural gas consumption on monthly utility bills as well as staff and customer feedback on lighting and equipment changes.

Actions we will take to achieve our goals

Actions are broken down by responsible department/person, purchase and install cost, and whether it is an immediate action or a short term (Present – May 2014), medium term (June 2014- 2015) or long term (2016-2018) action.

Ensure all IT equipment is being turned off when not necessary (i.e. front desk screens, office computes/printers) – short term
Install light sensors for the public bathrooms and fitness are which activate when people walk into the room – short term
Put fridges on light switches so guests can turn them on when they check in, otherwise staff will leave them off – short term
Install occupancy and light sensors for B block 2nd floor patio – short term
Install new motion sensors in two stairs – short term
Change all CFL lighting to LED when economically feasible – medium term
Install solar PV to run heat pumps and other  electrical equipment efficiently – medium term
Install new patio door and occupancy sensors for A block – medium term
Reduce lighting in hallways with timer/photocell – medium term