Sustainable Purchasing

 Goal: To create and test a set of sustainable purchasing guidelines specific to our hotel by 2015 and to fully implement them by 2018. 

sustainable_purchasingOver the next three years we will ask all our suppliers to meet our new sustainable purchasing guidelines. We will phase this in through surveys and discussions and will make purchasing decisions that remain economically feasible and maintain high quality.


Measure: We will measure our success by the percentage of products currently used now compared to what we are purchasing three years from now. We will map out where our products are made and shipped from and try to reduce the distance travelled. We will also measure the reduction of products purchased and solicit feedback from our suppliers and guests.

Actions we will take to achieve our goals

Actions are broken down by responsible department/person, purchase and install cost, and whether it is an immediate action or a short term (Present – May 2014), medium term (June 2014- 2015) or long term (2016-2018) action.

Use FSC certified and minimum 30% recycled content paper for  marketing materials. Try for 100% recycled and chlorine free paper – immediate
Ensure all printer paper is 100% recycled chlorine free paper – immediate
Only purchase housekeeping products that are made from 100% recycled chlorine free paper (and EcoLogo Certified) – immediate (in progress)
Ensure the breakfast bar serves vegetarian and gluten-free options – immediate (completed)
Minimize the use of plastic bottled water in the hotel, conference centre and restaurant – short
Create a green supplier questionaire addressing suppliers environmental policy, accreditation, use of ecolabel products, transport, waste recovery, package take back policy, sourcing of materials, energy and water efficiency, ethically sourced, etc. – short
Create a purchasing guideline that suppliers have to meet before Best Western can work with them. Include building supplies and decorations in the policy – medium
Involve the restaurant and pub to implement a green supplier policy for purchasing food and equipment for the pub and restaurant such as local and seasonal food and drinks, sustainably sourced seafood (Oceanwise), organic food, vegetarian and vegan options and ethically sourced food products – medium
Adjust Eco-stay program to find BC environmental programs to invest in rather than the liveclean projects to offset GHG emissions – medium
Any new company purchased vehicle will be electric or hybrid – long
Only purchase North American products for guest rooms (beds, furniture, linens, paper, etc.) unless the price margin for the same quality is over 25% higher. Buy high quality electronics (internationally sourced) – long