Water Conservation

 Goal: To reduce water consumption by 20% by 2018

water-conserveWe are currently exceeding building code standards for water saving fixtures. 85% of our over 200 toilets have been swapped for 1.6 gpf. We have upgraded 100% of our faucet aerators and shower heads to low flow options that still provide a comfortable pressure for guests, all have been personally tested by the hotel owner. We have high efficient dishwashers and washing machines, and a “wash when needed” in room linen policy. Reducing the amount of time staff and guests turn on the water for will now be the focus of reducing water by a further 20%.

Measure: Annual water bills and guest comfort.

Actions we will take to achieve our goals

Actions are broken down by responsible department/person, purchase and install cost, and whether it is an immediate action or a short term (Present – May 2014), medium term (June 2014- 2015) or long term (2016-2018) action.

Optimize efficiency for irrigation timers (night watering, water sensors, eliminate watering of established xeriscape) – immediate
Educate guests on behaviours they can change to conserve water (shorter showers, turn taps off when brushing teeth, hanging towels to dry, etc.) – short 
Retrofit the remaining toilets to 6.1 gpf when it is economically feasible to do so – medium (in progress)
Reduce lawn area and increase xeriscaping – medium 
Install waterless urinals in the public washrooms – long
Plant a garden/orchard in the courtyard and engage guests in cultivating it – long